Guiding Principles

The ASCoN Guiding Principles for Management of Spinal Cord Injuries were first published in 2006. These Guiding Principles summarise all aspects of spinal injury management including prevention, extrication from site, first aid, transportation, acute management, evaluation, surgical management, comprehensive rehabilitation (physical, psychosocial, sexual and vocational), management and prevention of complications, home modification, reintegration into community and follow-up.

ASCoN Guiding Principles for Management of Spinal Cord Injuries

The Guiding Principles are useful for all professionals involved in spinal cord injury management, and particularly for professionals who are new to the field and for centres which have just been established or are in the process of being established. They can also assist policy makers in designing rehabilitation services and sensitize them for implementing public awareness programmes and legislation for prevention.

ASCoN plans to work on more detailed guidelines for each specific aspect of the Guiding Principles and welcomes constructive criticism for their further refinement and improvement.

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