ASCoN Fellowships

ASCoN Fellowship awards are presented each year at the ASCoN Conference to the best oral presentation. The ASCoN Fellowship Award enables recipients to undertake further study in their field of work. This is usually a short term placement (1 – 4 weeks) at an ASCoN Training Centre (include link to Training Centres).  The Award carries with it a monetary value of €1,000 which is utilised to support course fees, travel and accommodation costs whilst undertaking the Fellowship.


  • Dr Anil Gupta, Physiotherapist, India to Midlands SCI Unit, UK
  • Mr Sohrab Hossain, Physiotherapist, Bangladesh to Sydney University, Australia
  • Dr Thag, Rehab Physician, Vietnam to Victoria Spinal Unit, Australia
  • Mr Zabbar, Social Worker, Bangladesh to Sydney University, Australia
  • Dr Raju Dhakal, Rehabilitation Doctor, Nepal to National Rehabilitation Hospital, Ireland
  • Dr Ankur Nanda, Spine Surgeon India to St Anna Hospital, Germany
  • Ms Reshma Parvin, Research Assistant Bangladesh to ICCDBR Bangladesh

Mr Nandana Welage, Occupational Therapist, Sri Lanka – fellowship to be confirmed

  • Ms Shefali Walia, Physiotherapist, India to Pittsburgh University, USA

Membership of ASCoN is open to all organisations working in spinal cord injury management in Asia. There is no cost.