ASCoN Consumer Networks

The ASCoN Consumer Network was established during the 9th ASCoN Conference in New Delhi with the goal of improving the levels of participation and quality of life of persons with spinal injury across Asia.

The Consumer Network is working to bring together existing SCI consumer groups within Asia to form national organisations and to support the establishment of new consumer organisations. Membership is open to all organisations representing people with spinal cord injury in the Asia region and is free.

The steering committee of the Consumer Network includes consumer organisation representatives from

Bangladesh: Mr Anwar Hossain
India: Mr Shivjeet Singh
Malaysia: Ms Bathmavathi Krishnan
Nepal:  Shiva Neupane
Sri Lanka: Mr Cyril Siriwardane
Thailand: Ms Nipapan Tipayajak

Please contact them for further information.

In conjunction with ESCIF we are supporting the development of the Global SCI Consumer and increasing participation and representation of SCI consumer groups from Asia in international dialogue, projects and action, thus creating a platform for international agencies to become better informed about the plight of persons living with SCI in developing countries.

SCIDAB Bangladesh
Please click here to download SCIDAB’s Strategic Plan

Please click here to download NSCISA’s Strategic Plan

Membership of ASCoN is open to all organisations working in spinal cord injury management in Asia. There is no cost.